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Easy installation, affordability and flexibility to move around are just a few of the many reasons moveable chain link fences are so popular.

A panel fence can be used to secure construction sites, private property, major public events, sporting events, concerts, festivals, gatherings, domestic housing sites, animal enclosures, and for crowd control.

A panel fence is easy to install and disassemble, yet offers incredible durability. No drilling into concrete or asphalt, as this fence type does not require holes in the ground and has little impact, if any, on the ground surface area.

6x12’ and 8x10’ fence panels are available and can adapt to any configuration required. Clamps with bolts are used to secure the panels to each other and metal stands keep it upright. Sandbags can be placed on the metal stands to ensure fence stability. You can also add privacy and windscreens from Odyssey Fence Rental.

A moveable panel chain link fence is easy to move, quick to set up, effortlessly relocates in minutes, and gives you the flexibility to change your fence as needed. Rely on the professionals at Odyssey Fence Rental to install and ensure your panel fence is safe!

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Sandbags are placed on each fence panel stand to protect your moveable panel chain link fence by weighing it down, giving it added support and preventing fence movement.

Sandbags are recommended for use with panel fences in areas with high winds to prevent blow over and near busy pedestrian traffic, to keep others safe.

Odyssey Fence Rental is your affordable and convenient option for sandbag rentals in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area.

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